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Member Zoom Meeting 1

Indiana Barn Foundation President, Kent Yeager, facilitated a member information Zoom meeting on Tuesday, January 31st.

Participants learned how the IBF is working toward it's mission of “Supporting the preservation of historic Indiana barns” and how individual members can be part of that effort.

The meeting covered these topics and more:

  • The history of the Indiana Barn Foundation

  • IBF’s barn booklet, “Indiana’s Heritage Barns: Their History, Uses, and Preservation

  • Indiana Heritage Barn Tax Deduction

  • IBF’s newsletter, the “Hoosier Barn Chronicle

  • Technical Assistance

  • The 2023 Annual Meeting on July 15th at The Rustic Barn at Hopewell in Urbana, IN

  • The 2023 Barn Tour this fall headquartered at the International Circus Hall of Fame in Peru, IN

  • Ways members can become more engaged with the IFB mission, including information on the board, county representatives, or committee opportunities.

If you missed the live meeting you can view a recording here. You will need to use the passcode z3Zw+#1P

to access the recorded session.


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