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The Urgency to Save Indiana barns 

Post and beam barns once characterized the Hoosier landscape, with over 30,000 dotting the countryside two decades ago. Since then, we've seen an alarming decrease in traditional wood barns across Indiana; current estimates suggest that only about 20,000 remained in 2013* and even fewer today. Unfortunately, this number continues to dwindle as more and more of these beautiful structures collapse every year due to lack of financial incentives for their rehabilitation.  Alarmed by this rapid decline, several people from around the state met in 2013 to brainstorm creative preservation ideas so future generations would be able recognize and appreciate our unique rural heritage!

One of these people was Mauri Williamson. Moved by the legacy of our Hoosier farmers and their tireless efforts to protect historic barns, Mauri- a respected Purdue administrator and devotee of preservation – called for action. From his plea came Indiana Barn Foundation: an organization dedicated to protecting this priceless piece of history.

Our organization, founded in 2013, has made incredible strides toward its mission of preserving Indiana's historical barns and helping keep the tradition alive for future generations. In 2015, we earned nonprofit 501(c)3 status which allows us to expand our outreach further by raising funds and supporting grants that rehabilitate these treasured structures throughout the state.

Barn in need of repair

We collaborate with valued partners including Indiana Farm Bureau - as well as national organizations like National Barn Alliance - who join us in this important work every step of the way. Every year we host our Forum & Annual Meeting along with a unique barn tour showcasing distinct sites across Indiana; plus develop educational programs such as workshops & materials while surveying existing structure documentation so they can be preserved long into posterity!


Imagine a landscape of Indiana's lush countryside, where the hard work and determination of our forbearers is still evident in these stunning old barns that stand tall as reminders. This remarkable legacy can be saved if we all contribute to this exciting effort! Join us today by becoming part of an incredible undertaking – preserving Hoosier heritage so future generations will benefit from its beauty and majestic splendor. Your contribution matters now more than ever!

*Indianapolis Star - 10/14/2013

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