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2023 Barn Preservation Grants Awarded

The Indiana Barn Foundation has awarded four grants for 2023 for the Barn Preservation Grant. The Foundation annually awards at least two matching grants for $2500 each, obligating the recipients to match that amount from their own funds, funds from another source, or in-kind labor.

Congratulations to all and thank you for your willingness to save your barns! 

The 2023 Recipients are:


Terry Hendrix of Peru/Miami County. 

The grant funds will be used towards repair of drainage washouts and the rubble stone foundation.




Ivan and Angel Hofman of Clay City. Their barn is located in Cory/Clay County.

The grant funds will be used for footing and foundation repair and wall displacement correction.






Nathan and Angie Patman of Brownstown/Jackson County.

The grant funds will be used to repair the roof, siding, and paint.













Wesley Ward of Richland. His barn is located in Grandview/Spencer County.

The grant funds will be used for foundation/basement and structural beam repairs.



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