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2020 Mauri Williamson Barn Preservation Grants Awarded

The Indiana Barn Foundation awarded two grants in 2020 for the Mauri Williamson Barn Preservation Grant. The Foundation annually awards two matching grants for $2500 each, obligating the recipients to match that amount from their own funds, funds from another source, or in-kind labor.

The 2020 Recipients were Andrew and Lisa Metheny of Farmersburg, and John Jay Biggs of Argos. Both recipients have completed the grant-funded portions of their projects. 

The Methany barn is a c.1880 English barn that had a lean-to added to it in the 1970s. The focus of the grant application was to make considerable foundation repairs, particularly in the area that had been concealed by the lean-to which was removed. Update from late August 2022: Sadly, the Methany's barn was lost to high winds in early August 2022. IBF sends condolences. It is a loss for all of us but particularly the Methany's who worked so hard to rehabilitate it. 

The Biggs barn is a 1910 banked English barn. It also needed foundation repair, this time due to pressure from the dirt bank pushing in on the foundation wall. The photos show the barn before work was undertaken and after, showing the new bank with reinforced concrete on the exterior and the reinforced interior of that bank wall.

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