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Phil Gibson
Nov 19, 2017
In Your Barn Story
I am the 5th generation of the Lacy family living on the homestead farm. This year we were awarded the Hoosier Homestead, sesquicentennial award. In 1864 Alfred and Caroline Lacy purchased the farm. Our family has contributed to Indiana's agricultural industry for over 150 years. We are located in Henry County, Stony Creek Township. The barn on our farm is the only building that is history to the farm. The original home burned. The home we live in was built by my great grandfather. Elmer Lacy. We would like to preserve the barn and we are looking for opportunities to help with the funding of maintaining the structure. There a numerous memories for me at the Lacy Homestead farm. The barn is an English style barn. I remember my grandfather milking cows in this barn. He made his living on the 69 acres. They raise chickens, pigs and milk cows. Grandpa farmed the land to feed the animals. Would be interested in information on how we could have financial help in repairing the barn. Thank you, Linda (Lacy) Gibson

Phil Gibson

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