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Southern Indiana barn
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We Want to Sell our Old 1851 Barn Wood - ESTIMATES
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Danielle Bachant-Bell
Dec 13, 2017
Yes, Kyle, thank you for the photos. Despite issues with sheathing, it looks like its standing fairly true. But you would know better having been there. Obviously the one end is very exposed to the elements but what about the roof? Our grant committee discussed the hope that the grant funds might at least be able to help folks secure a barn from the weather, which as you know will buy any building allot more time. Penelope, I would recommend as a first step toward exploring and discussing additional options that you contact Paul Hayden, the director of the Indiana Landmarks Northwest Field office, He is based in Wabash and the office covers several counties including Miami County. Paul would be a good resource to discuss the history of the overall property, help you assess building conditions and needs, and can discuss with you additional options to consider based on the needs of the property and your family's needs. Indiana Landmarks likes to be aware of threats to historic properties and to do what they can to assist. That said, please keep in mind that Paul won't be able to ride in and solve all the problems. But he can at least be a nearby resource possibly with ideas and avenues you aren't aware of or haven't thought about. One idea that again came up during the IBF Grant Committee discussions was that barn owners could also consider crowd funding as a means of helping restore a barn. A compelling story, important local or statewide history, or any number of factors could make for a successful campaign.
Danielle Bachant-Bell

Danielle Bachant-Bell

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