Their History, Uses and Preservation

The Indiana Barn Foundation is proud to present this informative booklet all about Indiana's Heritage Barns. Discover the history and style's of barns common in Indiana and what can be done to help preserve them.

You can pick up a free printed copy of the booklet at these outlets or you can view an online version here.

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Indiana barns are disappearing fast. Every year, we drive by familiar farmsteads and shake our heads as we watch the collapse of another iconic symbol of the Hoosier Heartland. While Indiana still has more barns per square mile than all but five other states, the financial incentives to rehab old barns lag behind efforts in other states.


The Forum and Annual Meeting will be July 16 in Martinsville/Morgan County. The day will include special speakers, discussions about resources for barn owners, a BBQ lunch, and a visit to the 1847 Cedar Lane Family Farm. Details are still being finalized. Check back for registration information.

Barn News

Keep up with what's in the news concerning heritage barns.  In addition to interesting articles and videos on barns in Indiana, we will occasionally post articles from historic barn enthusiasts from around the County.  This is the place to learn what the IBF and other preservation groups are doing to save our barns!

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There are several ways to get involved to help save Indiana barns. The first is to join the organization. Your membership gives you access to great information and educational events. Another way is make a donation. You can donate in memory or in honor of a loved one or someone who loves barns! Also, consider contributing to the Mauri Williamson Legacy Endowment. 

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