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Tim Sheets
Nov 16, 2017

The Preservation Of Historic Barns



Historic barns are threatened by many factors. On farmland near cities, barns are often seen only in decay, as land is removed from active agricultural use. In some regions, barns are dismantled for lumber, their beams sold for reuse in living rooms. Barn raisings have given way to barn razings. Further threats to historic barns and other farm structures are posed by changes in farm technology, involving much larger machines and production facilities, and changes in the overall farm economy, including increasing farm size and declining rural populations.


Yet historic barns can be refitted for continued use in agriculture, often at great savings over the cost of new buildings. This Technical Brief published by the US Dept. of the Interior, encourages the preservation of historic barns and other agricultural structures by encouraging their maintenance and use as agricultural buildings, and by advancing their sensitive rehabilitation for new uses when their historic use is no longer feasible.


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  • Gary Kaufman
    5 days ago

    Added a new metal roof last year and then had major structural work done this past week. Replaced the center beam support columns and footings. Also replaced the entire north side wall footing/foundation and related support columns and lower wall framing. Thanks to Kurt Gardner and Paul Hayden for your advice regarding what needed to be done. The work was very quickly and professionally done by Marvin Schwartz Construction - (260) 414-2897
  • derekleemay
    May 25

    We recently purchased an old historic property in Attica IN in September 2018 with an old, beautiful 1910 Monitor Style barn. Strong winds came through two nights ago and collapsed the barn. We‘re deeply saddened as we were preparing for renovations to use the barn as a wedding venue. We want to restore the barn to its former glory, but it’s extremely difficult to find someone that still builds the mortise and tenon style, and financially we’re not even sure if it’s possible for us to do so . Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas?!
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    Barn restoration? We are looking for a contractor to help us shore up an historic barn in northwest Indiana. Any recommendations. ? near Valparaiso. Arianeanddavid@mac.com