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Tim Sheets
Feb 16, 2018

2018 Grant Application Window has Closed


Thanks to those who submitted applications. The two selected grant recipients will be notified by mid-March. The application process will open again in the fall for the 2019 grants.

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  • superiorfin
    Aug 2, 2018

    I am a 68 year old disabled veteran of the Viet Nam war. Cancer forced me into retirement in 2013. Many health issues since. I now paint and play my ukulele to pass the time. I painted this picture this last month and was informed that this would be a good place to post a picture of it. I paint strictly with toothpicks. No brush strokes in any of my paintings. Takes about a month to finish a painting. Hope you all enjoy. I do sell my paintings if anyone is interested. Love to all and God bless. � �
  • Tim Sheets
    Oct 15

    The Indiana Barn Foundation’s Mauri Williamson Barn Preservation Grant Fund is launching a matching-grant program in 2018, intended to assist Indiana barn owners in repairing and maintaining their historic barns. This program is intended to meet two of the primary objectives of the organization— promoting barn preservation and actively saving heritage barns. The matching grants will be awarded annually on a competitive basis. Under the program, applicants will compete for IBF grants of up to $2500 per project, and will be required to match that amount with their own funds, additional grants or loans, or in-kind value, such as donated labor. Initially, IBF will grant two projects per year, each receiving $2500. With the match, each project could complete $5000 worth of repairs, or more if the applicant acquires additional funding. Applicants will be evaluated on the basis of a written application submitted to the Mauri Williamson Barn Preservation Grant Fund Committee according to criteria established by the Application Guidelines. The Committee will forward 5-10 of the best applications to the IBF Board of Directors, which will select two applicants to receive grant funds. IBF funds will be awarded upon the satisfactory completion of the proposed projects, which must be completed within a year from the date awarded. Application Forms and Guidelines are available here . The Guidelines address applicant assistance, application instructions, process, and timeline, eligibility rules, evaluation criteria, and establish program requirements and obligations of grant recipients.