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Dec 18, 2021
In Your Barn Story
Hi all. We have a very large, c. 1865-1870 barn built by/for Romuald Beckett, older brother of the Beckett that built the large round barn down the road (Dearborn County). It seems unique due to its T shape, with joining/matched ridge lines. (That is, the T was not formed by adding a separate rectangular structure, but is integrated, with joining valley beams.) I'm attaching a couple images, outside and in. To help support the T joint, it appears the original builder/design integrated a box silo of slat siding. (Amish repairers more recently installed some temporary angle & vertical supports - due to some structure improvidently removed over the years - which I'll take out when I get repairs done.) The first interior photo looks up at the T joint & valley beams. Below it is the remaining structure of the box silo. (The second interior photo is a view behind the first.) I've sought input from Jarrad Holbrook at Southeast Indiana Landmarks, who's graciously looked it over, and I thought I'd send some pictures directly too, to you all. Any comments appreciated. Thanks! UPDATE: 1880s EXPERIMENTAL SQUARE SILO. I've since discovered that its construction is the same as experimental square silo plans published in June 1889 in the Bulletin of the Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station. It uses: 2x10s cut with shoulders; and double-layered tongue & groove board with tar paper between to make airtight. I'm adding a couple more photos of the silo, and pages from the 1889 Bulletin .
What barn type do I have?  It seems unique.  Brother of Beckett's round barn.  content media


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