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Dec 09, 2017
In Restoration/Preservation
I am very pleased to see our new Forum attracting posts and comments, especially in the Restoration/Preservation window. By launching the Forum, the IBF Board hoped to attract barn owners' questions, and to provide a space where barn maintence and rehabilitation questions, among others, could be discussed. As one of the moderators of the Forum, I am trying to stay current with questions and comments, and whenever possible, to arrange for site visits when requested (see below). Often site visits are the only way to get a good close-up view of barn conditions, and offer detailed advice, but there are a few things you could include in your posts and comments that would make it easier to respond to your questions in a more thorough and timely way, and perhaps avoid the need for a visit. Please include some pictures with your post or comments. It is best to include a couple of exterior views that can help us identify the type of barn you have, as well as pictures of any problem areas--general deterioration, structural faults, roof or foundation failures. If you are concerned about your barn's general condition, provide photos that best capture an overall view. It will also help if you identify your location, in the event a site visit is required. If you don't want to include a specific address, just let us know what county you are in, and be sure to include email information or a phone number if you want us to contact you directly. Site Visits: There is no charge for site visits, but we ask that you reimburse us for our travel costs at $ .45 per mile. Estimated travel costs will be provided prior to the visits.


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