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Don't forget about the old, red barn

The old red barn. It is a beautiful sight that I have the privilege of viewing from my bedroom window every morning. I still have horses that live in my old red barn.

People make such wonderful comments on these pictures when I share them. Old barns symbolize something so nostalgic about farm living and rural Iowa life. However, recently at a conference, somebody commented on my barn pictures, and not in a way that I would have ever expected.

This particular person didn’t agree that I should be showing pictures of the old red barn. He didn’t think the images accurately portrayed what agriculture looks like today, and said we shouldn’t be misleading people into a notion that this is what our modern farm looks like.

The idea of me attempting to “dupe” followers into thinking that this was the norm on our farm was never my intention at all. In fact, I always see this great rustic icon situated outside my window as quite the opposite.

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