Clare Ellison-Rexing

I currently reside in Haubstadt, IN, which is located in Southwest Indiana.  I am a proud 10 year 4-H member. I was also District President of Rural Youth and served on the State Board.  I worked in the Purdue Extension office for 9 years.  I am married and have two children who are both Purdue Alumni.  I enjoy volunteering for the Vanderburgh County 4-H Center and also at the Ferndale House in New Harmony, IN.  While volunteering for the Ferndale House, I have organized quilt shows, Hypertufa planter workshops and Heritage Days, which informs 3,800 4th-graders on the “days of old”.

I am very passionate about the preservation of “yesterday’s barns”.  I love the engineering and hand-hewn wood craftsmanship.  Living on a farm my whole life, I have seen the many changes that progress has brought to farms.  The huge barn on our farm was housing for the dairy cows, pigs, beef cattle and horse implements.  I have many fond memories of the 4 hay lofts we used to play in as kids.  Many days were spent in the old barn.  I remember milking cows with my mom and dad in the barn.  After the cows were sold the dairy parlor became the chicken house.  The barn was always utilized. 


As equipment got larger, the barn could not accommodate the larger equipment, so it was taken down and replaced by the modern day pole barn.  I am very thankful the granary still stands in the barnyard with hand hewn beams and a grain loft.  It is preserved with all the original craftsmanship.  I will always remember the beautiful beams, the hayloft and the smell of hay and straw in our old barn.  I truly wish it still stood in our barnyard.