Carolyn Marker

Carolyn (Meyer) Marker was raised in Northern Indiana, and some of her first memories are of traveling to farms with her father, a veterinarian. It was in these milk houses, horse stalls and hay mows that she came to know and love old barns. Drives through the countryside always included stops to photograph barns. Her father, Dr. Meyer, presented his barn slide show to groups whenever he had the chance.


When the barn from her childhood home was pictured in the book Barns of Indiana (1997), the whole family took new pride in their family barn, which is still lovingly maintained. In 2005 Carolyn and her husband purchased a small farm that included a barn built in the early 1900s. By chance, it is pictured just below her parents' barn in the Barns of Indiana book. Carolyn has worked as a Registered Nurse since 1989 and is raising a family in Bourbon, Indiana. She also raises Belted Galloway cattle and a flock of fiber sheep on her hobby farm. Good intentions and a love of barns does not keep a roof intact or siding in place.


The cost of maintaining an old barn can be a big obstacle to barn owners. After reading a newspaper article about the loss of Indiana's historic barns, Rahe had the idea of starting a Nonprofit Organization that would help farmers finance the maintenance of their barns. She reached out to others with experience in preservation and who have the same passion for historic barns, and the formation of Indiana Barn Foundation was begun in December of 2013.