Mac Williams

Mac Williams is a 2003 graduate architect from Ball State University and also holds a mechanical engineering degree from Clarkson University (upstate NY) from 1986. He has combined these two education and practice experiences into his own design and consulting firm, INVERDE Design LLC, focusing on green design and sustainable technology for residential and rural properties. He is a LEED-accredited professional since 2004 and a past chairman of the Indiana Chapter of the US Green Building Council. He is a former board member of the Indiana Renewable Energy Association and is a current board member of Project Eden, a 501c3 organization dedicated to reconnecting people with environmental creation. He is a current member of the Indiana Barn Foundation. As an avid beekeeper, Mac is a member of the Indiana Beekeepers Association and runs Mill Run Honey LLC as a sideline business.

Mac traces his love for barns to growing up in rural upstate NY having played “for hours on end” in some of his neighbors old dairy barns. As a young adult he discovered Eric Sloane’s books about barns and old tools and the need to preserve our historic rural heritage. Sloane’s compelling illustrations had a direct influence on his decision to pursue architecture and led him to start collecting old woodworking tools and vintage barn equipment. “I don’t own an old barn, but I’m very connected to them via old tools”.

Through his ongoing practice Mac has designed a variety of homes inspired by rural vernacular barns where elements such as timber-framed features and simple natural finishes create timeless rustic charm but in a high-performance and energy-efficient home. One specific custom home was built ‘log cabin style’ using salvaged hewn timbers of three area barns all on the verge of collapse—a repurposed use that will now last for generations in rural Noble County. Mac is currently helping a friend pursue the adaptive reuse of a nearby Fishers barn for wedding and events use.