Aaron Curtis

Aaron Curtis is the owner and president of Curtis Construction based in Carmel, Indiana. He lives on a historical farm in Rushville, Indiana with his fiancée Heather and her two children. Before starting Curtis Construction, Aaron finished a 20-year career as an Army officer with overseas tours that included Iraq, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Jordan and South Korea. His last combat tour sent him to the hospital in Germany, ending his military service. During his extensive time overseas, he would often research and fondly remember the barns of his childhood in central Indiana. The historical buildings, farms, small towns and the people in them were a constant reminder of his desire to one day return home.


Aaron’s hobbies include restoring his 1890s farm, pasture grass farming, and being a good neighbor by using his building resources to restore our historical heritage. Most often asked question: What was his favorite item received while overseas? Fall leaves sent from home.