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Sep 12

Milford Barn Builder, Otto Beer





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  • warfox101
    Oct 28

    I live in Washington county Indiana. I purchase my property late 2016 on my property I have a nice old barn it’s pre 1900’s I want to save it
  • Halie Machen
    Jan 30

    someone said its historic 1940s barn. In southern Indiana rome
  • superiorfin
    Aug 22

    I am a 68 year old disabled veteran of the Viet Nam war. Cancer forced me into retirement in 2013. Many health issues since. I now paint and play my ukulele to pass the time. I painted this picture this last month and was informed that this would be a good place to post a picture of it. I paint strictly with toothpicks. No brush strokes in any of my paintings. Takes about a month to finish a painting. Hope you all enjoy. I do sell my paintings if anyone is interested. Love to all and God bless. � �