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  • Danielle Bachant-Bell
    Sep 23

    The following came from the folks in the Southern Regional Office of Indiana Landmarks: We had some repair work done a couple years ago on a barn that Landmarks owns outside Georgetown, and we used an Amish crew out of Odon, Indiana. The main fellow was Harvey Graber, 812/486-9800. Taylor Brothers Construction out of Columbus, Indiana (812/379-9547) also has quite a bit of experience with historic barns. Laura Renwick Southern Regional Office I would also add Herschel Brichto (Vevay) 812/569-6500 and Josh Stiles from Perry County (812-788-0591). Rick Collins from Tillium Dell out of Illinois may also be a possibility (309-221-8020). Greg Sekula Southern Regional Director Indiana Landmarks
  • heritagefarmsubscriptions
    Sep 12
  • Gary Kaufman
    3 days ago

    Added a new metal roof last year and then had major structural work done this past week. Replaced the center beam support columns and footings. Also replaced the entire north side wall footing/foundation and related support columns and lower wall framing. Thanks to Kurt Gardner and Paul Hayden for your advice regarding what needed to be done. The work was very quickly and professionally done by Marvin Schwartz Construction - (260) 414-2897